Stable Petrol Prices Bring Relief Amid Gas Price Hike

stable petrol prices bring relief amid gas price hike

stable petrol prices bring relief amid gas price hike

The Government of Pakistan has decided to Keep the Price of Petrol the Same at Rs283.38 per liter. This means you won’t have to Pay more for Petrol for now at least until November 15. It’s good news for people because petrol is something we use in our cars and motorcycles so its Price matters to many. There are Some other Prices you might want to know about:

High-Speed Diesel (HSD), The Price for this will also Stay as it is, at Rs303.18 per Liter. Kerosene Oil, The Price for this has Gone down a bit by Rs3.82 per liter. It’s now Rs211.03 per Liter., Light Diesel Oil: This one also got Cheaper by Rs3.40 per liter making it Rs189.46 per Liter.

The Government doesn’t Charge extra tax on Petrol and some other Fuels. But they do add a thing Called Petroleum levy on petrol which is Rs60 per Liter.

Now just a While ago the Government actually Lowered the Price of Petrol by Rs40 Per liter and HSD by Rs15 Per Liter. So that’s Good News because it means you’ve been Paying less for Petrol Recently.

But there’s another side to the Story. The Government has also increased the Prices of Natural Gas which is used for things like Cooking and Heating. This was done to meet the Demands of an international Organization Called the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They Wanted Pakistan to increase Gas Prices to help with a Big Debt issue in the Gas Sector.

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On the Bright Side the Government has also made Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cheaper. This is Something People use for Cooking in Some areas. The Price for this has gone down by Rs9.69 per kilogram which makes it more affordable.

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So while Gas Prices went up for Some things at least the Cost of Petrol and LPG has been Kept in Check to give Some Relief to the People.

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