SC accepts Wahab’s apology, withdraws removal order


On Monday, the Supreme Court (SC) accepted Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab’s apology after the latter apologised following a heated argument with the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The apex court asked Wahab to perform his duties by remaining above “political affiliation”.

The SC heard the Gutter Bagheecha case wherein Wahab exchanged heated words with the CJ when inquired about the demolition of the Nasla Tower and other encroachments in Karachi.

Wahab misbehaved with the bench, after which the top court directed the Sindh chief minister to remove Wahab from his post.

CJ Gulzar Ahmed said the administrator was not eligible for administrative duties and acted like politicians and not administrators. “The CM should appoint an eligible and neutral administrator for Karachi.”

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“You should step down if you cannot neutrally perform duties,” Justice Gulzar said. Irked by the remarks, Wahab said the apex court passes observations against governments in open courts. “Should we all step down? What should we do?”

At this, CJ Gulzar ordered him to leave the courtroom. “Are you a political leader or an administrator,” he asked Wahab. “Administrators are appointed to serve the masses, not play politics.”

“You have failed to perform your duties,” Gulzar said.

While grilling Wahab, CJP Gulzar asked if Karachi was Wahab’s “personal property”?

“Transfer all the parks in your name.. How many parks are left in the city? Finish them and distribute them among your officers,” Gulzar said, referring to the encroachments within the city.

Gulzar said demolishing buildings like the Nasla Tower takes hours across the world, “why is it taking you so long?”

“If someone was obstructing the building’s demolition, then they were committing contempt of court.”

The court gave the commissioner a week to destroy the building using all available resources.

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