President Alvi Urges Collective Action for a Corruption-Free and Prosperous Pakistan

president alvi urges collective action for a corruption free and prosperous pakistan

president alvi urges collective action for a corruption free and prosperous pakistan

President Dr. Arif Alvi has issued a call for unified efforts to transform Pakistan into a Corruption-free and Economically robust nation. In his Message on International Anti Corruption Day President Alvi Emphasized the importance of Collective action against Corruption, urging the entire nation to Stand together in Combating this Social Evil. He expressed Optimism that with Concerted Efforts Pakistan could Evolve into a Corruption free and Economically Prosperous Country for Future Generations.

This year’s Anti-Corruption Day is Commemorated Under the theme Uniting the World Against Corruption Emphasizing the need for Collaborative initiatives to Combat Corrupt Practices. President Alvi Stressed that Corruption Poses a Serious threat to Pakistan’s Socio Economic Development and Good Governance. It Hampers Efficient Service Delivery Deters investment and Obstructs Economic Progress. The President identified Corruption as a Major Factor Contributing to the Misappropriation of National Resources that Could Otherwise be allocated to Essential Sectors Such as Education, Health, and infrastructure.

While Acknowledging the Steps taken by Pakistan to Enhance transparency and accountability President Alvi emphasized that more Needs to be done. He Highlighted the Shared Responsibility of all Segments of Society in Supporting the Government’s efforts to Eradicate Corruption.

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President Alvi Called for identifying the Root causes of Corruption, Exposing Corrupt Practices, Creating awareness and adopting Stringent Measures against Corrupt Elements. He Emphasized the need to Enhance the Country’s Legal Framework, Strengthen anti Corruption Bodies and Depoliticize the accountability Process.

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President Alvi urged Citizens to Resist and discourage Corrupt Practices Emphasizing the importance of Reporting Corruption to Relevant agencies. He Underscored that Combating Corruption is not only the Responsibility of the National Accountability Bureau but also a Duty for every Citizen to Contribute to Eliminating Corruption from Society.

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