Playstation 2023 Showcase

Playstation 2023 Showcase

Playstation is launching its biggest showcase of the year today, the event will run over for an hour and focus on PS5 and PS VR2 games which are in development from top studios of the World.

The fans are expecting a massive PlayStation event, as the showcase is essentially taking the place of the E3 showcase that PlayStation stopped running years ago.

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Game Updates of the Show

It seems like 2023 PlayStation Showcase will have a lot to explore in game. Spider-Man 2 is also scheduled to be released in fall, so we will see a lot of it during the show. Games like Pragmata, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Silent Hill 2 Remake will also be a part of event.

Rumors are also circulating about the remake of the Metal Gear Solid Games but still there is no official announcement about it. Some of the officials are also suggesting that Metal Gear Solid 3 is indeed being remade and that it may be revealed during the event.

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Last year, Eurogamers also reported that PlayStation had a new Twisted Metal Game but we have not head much about it.

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