Nadia Hussain refuses to do her husband’s chores

Nadia Hussain refuses to do her husband’s chores

Popular showbiz personality Nadia Hussain marked the boundaries of a healthy relationship with her appearance on a local TV channel’s show.

Hussain has been a role model for a lot of people as the model-turned-actress has managed to keep a successful work-life balance over the years.

The Chupke Chupke actress is an entrepreneur and fashion designer as well.

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In a recent TV interview, the host asked her if it is a woman’s responsibility to do her husband’s chores and care about his daily requirements and needs.

The Jalan actress said, “No, not at all!”.

The host went on to probe Hussain if she ever has done any household work for her husband.

Without holding back, the supermodel replied, “Why would I? He is not my child; he’s my life partner.”

Her husband showed absolute obedience throughout the chat by remaining silent and watching his wife banter with a loyal and subservient attitude.

Hussain, 42, is known for her bold statements and speaking her mind without holding back.

“In our society, men are brought up with choices. Mothers doing their work, giving them food, and sisters bringing them water,” she said. “And that is very wrong; I do not approve of [male privilege], and I am never raising my kids with it.”

She went on by saying, “To demand and to expect a female to come home from work and start serving her husband is wrong”.

In May, Hussain had created a stir on social media after sharing a screenshot of her chat with the renowned makeup guru Nabila. The entrepreneur launched a new product – a makeup palette similar to Nabila’s – for her cosmetic line. When the stylist got to know, she messaged her saying, “Don’t you use your brain?”

Hussain also shared what followed. “It’s not your copyright item, and it’s a different product than yours. You are a brand on your own, and it should not bother you,” she said to the make-up maven.

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