Lahore Takes Unfortunate Lead as World’s Most Polluted City with AQI Surging Over 400

lahore takes unfortunate lead as world's most polluted city with aqi surging over 400

lahore takes unfortunate lead as world’s most polluted city with aqi surging over 400

In an alarming turn of events Lahore has earned the dubious distinction of being the World’s most polluted city as the Air Quality Index (AQI) reached a staggering 399, with some areas hitting a distressing 444. The AQI, which categorizes air quality, deems anything over 300 as hazardous. Currently Lahore’s air quality falls in the Perilous range,signaling severe health risks for its Residents.

The live AQI index highlights Amir Town’s air quality at a worrisome 444, prompting health recommendations for the citizens. The advisory urges Residents to abstain from Outdoor activities keep windows closed to avoid Polluted air wear Masks when outside and consider using air Purifiers for Cleaner indoor air.

The onset of Winter exacerbates the Problem, causing harmful Particles in the atmosphere to descend, resulting in increased Pollution. The Colder air traps Pollutants, including high levels of carbon and Smoke creating a Hazardous layer that blankets the City.

A Significant contributor to this dire Situation is the burning of crop residues, industrial emissions, and the combustion of Coal, Garbage, Oil, or tires. These activities release Copious amounts of Smoke into the atmosphere impacting air Quality throughout the winter Season.

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Prior to this alarming development, Lahore experienced widespread rain, providing temporary relief by diminishing the density of the thick smog that had gripped the city for days. The AQI, which had previously recorded a hazardous 468, dramatically dropped to 119 after the rain. While the Downpour helped alleviate the Pollution crisis it also brought Challenges such as disrupted Electricity Supply and Waterlogging in low-lying areas.

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Lahore’s struggle with air Quality underscores the urgent need for Sustainable measures to combat Pollution protect Public health and Safeguard the Environment.

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