Karachi Grapples with Severe Gas Shortage: MQM-P Urges Swift Resolution

karachi grapples with severe gas shortage mqm p urges swift resolution

karachi grapples with severe gas shortage mqm p urges swift resolution

Karachi is currently facing a critical Gas Shortage, Prompting the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) to call on the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) for urgent action. A Delegation from MQM-P including Rabita Committee members Mangla Sharma and Zahid Mansoori, met with SSGC’s Deputy Managing Director of Operations, Saeed Rizvi to express grave Concerns about the Gas Crisis affecting domestic Consumers in the City.

The MQM-P Representatives Stressed the Hardships faced by Residents and urged SSGC to Employ all available Measures to Swiftly Resolve the Gas Shortage issue. According to the Deputy Managing Director of Operations at SSGC, Karachi is Currently Grappling with a Gas shortage of 480 Million cubic Meters. The city is only receiving 720 million cubic meters, significantly below its requirement of 1200 million cubic meters.

DMD Operations of SSGC assured that efforts are underway to improve the situation and alleviate the Gas shortage’s impact on the residents of Karachi. This gas crisis has led to heightened frustration among the public, as seen in Lahore, where Protestors blocked Gurumangat Road and forcibly entered the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) office.

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The Protestors expressed their Discontent by chanting slogans against the General Manager (GM) of the Company due to insufficient Gas Supply. They highlighted the Paradox of Receiving bills without the Corresponding gas Supply, Compelling them to seek alternative, albeit more expensive, sources for Cooking Gas.

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Following Negotiations with the GM, assurances were given regarding the Provision of Gas but the incidents in both Karachi and Lahore underscore the urgency of Comprehensive solutions to address the Energy challenges faced by Citizens across Pakistan. The Gas Shortages have not only impacted Daily life but have also triggered Public discontent, Necessitating immediate attention and Resolution by the Concerned Authorities.

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