Imran Khan Asks High Court for Help After Bail Denied

imran khan asks high court for help after bail denied

imran khan asks high court for help after bail denied

Imran Khan the former Leader of Pakistan’s PTI party and a previous Prime Minister is facing legal trouble in a Case involving Secret documents. He recently filed a Request with the Islamabad High Court (IHC) for bail which means he’s asking the Court to Release him from jail while his Case is ongoing. This request comes after another court, Called the special court, said no to his Previous Bail application.

Imran Khan was removed from his position as Prime Minister in April of the year before last. The Special court, set up under a law Called the Official Secrets Act is looking into a case against him and one of his party members Shah Mahmood Qureshi. They’re accused of doing Something Wrong with a classified Document, which led to their arrests.

The special court decided not to give Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi bail after listening to arguments from their party’s lawyers. This is why Imran Khan has now turned to the Islamabad High Court for help.

The hearing for Imran Khan’s bail request is scheduled for Monday, and the Chief Justice, Aamer Farooq, will be in charge of it.

This case all began when Imran Khan claimed he had a secret letter from a foreign country (a letter in code) that said he should be removed from power. He didn’t initially say which country sent it or what the letter really said. But later, he said it was from the United States and accused a US Official of trying to get him Kicked out of Office.

The situation became more complicated when Khan’s principal secretary, Azam Khan, said that Khan had used this secret letter for political reasons and to distract people from a vote that could have removed him from office.

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Azam Khan also said that Imran Khan had used this secret letter at political meetings, even though he had advised him not to do so.

This Case has caused Problems between Pakistan and the United States and has been a big Political issue in Pakistan.

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Now, Imran Khan is asking the Higher court, the Islamabad High Court to let him out of jail while the case continues. This is a Significant legal move and the Court’s decision will be Closely watched by many.

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