How the ties between UAE and India continues to grow despite the pandemic crisis


On Friday, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operations on his visit to India met with India’s External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar in Delhi. The two discussed the notable UAE-India ties and finding ways to improve the joint partnership and cooperation to serve the common goals of the two nations and their citizens. 

Both ministers looked into the coordination between the two nations in confronting the coronavirus pandemic and ways to assist the global endeavors to ensure the delivery of covid vaccines to all nations. They likewise exchanged views on territorial and international issues of mutual interest. 

In August 2020, India welcomed further venture from the UAE in areas of the economy like logistics, food parks, infrastructures, motorways, air terminals, ports, defense, and renewable energy too. 

The UAE is India’s second-biggest export partner next to the US. In 2019, trade relations between India and the UAE were valued at $59 billion, making the UAE India’s third-biggest business partner.

Moreover, Sheikh Abdullah has affirmed the profundity of the Emirati-Indian friendship and the UAE’s keenness, with the help of its wise administration, to fortify and advance them in all sectors. 

In Jan 2021, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi talked with the Indian PM Narendra Modi via phone and reviewed ways to build ties between their nations. PM Modi recently defined that building closer ties with the UAE as one of India’s most noteworthy foreign policy accomplishments. 

Diplomatic ties between India and the UAE were established in 1972, which are deep and from generations. The Emirates wants to build them further, particularly in trade, economy, technology, tourism, and energy. 

The annual trade amid the nations is valued at $60 billion, making the UAE and India the third-biggest trade allies. The UAE has always welcomed families from India who have added to their social and monetary progress. 

India’s new tax exemptions for government and local UAE sovereign organizations that are planning to invest in India’s infrastructure sector is a great advance, one that will enhance the skill of UAE businesses and encourage people to invest in India. 

When India was confronting the Covid crisis, overwhelming hospitals, and had to enforce a nationwide lockdown in May, UAE immediately sent an aid aircraft carrying 7 metric tons of clinical supplies to India to reinforce the country’s endeavors to check the spread of coronavirus. Around 7,000 medical experts were included in the aid which helped India a lot to fight the surge of cases.

This unmatched relationship between the two nations has been bolstered more in recent times, with extending a helping hand in troubled times and also seeking to upgrade business ties in the future. The UAE has made huge investments in India, to encourage development in the nation’s physical yet additionally improving the digital infrastructure, which will lead to a cutting edge economy.

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