Government Releases Baloch Protestors, Prioritizing Negotiations and Safety

government releases baloch protestors

government releases baloch protestors

The Government has decided to release all 290 remaining Baloch Protestors following Discussions led by Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar’s Committee. This move is in Compliance with Court Directives and aims to uphold the Right to Peaceful Protest while Ensuring Adherence to the Law.

Earlier Islamabad Police took action by Detaining Baloch Protestors a Decision that Received Criticism and Condemnation from Human Rights Organizations and Analysts. The use of Water Cannons and Baton Charges to disperse the Protest against Enforced Disappearances Sparked Concerns.

In response to the Situation Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi Conveyed the Government’s Commitment to addressing the issues Raised by Baloch Protestors through Negotiations. He Emphasized the Government’s Desire for Protestors to return Home with Dignity, Honor and Safety.

Solangi Stressed the preference for conducting talks in Balochistan or Quetta rather than Islamabad. He Highlighted the Significant Presence of Women Protestors in front of the National Press Club, Emphasizing their Right to Peaceful Protest. The Government ensured the availability of Security, Ambulance Services and Medical Facilities for the Protestors.

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The Decision to Release the remaining Protestors aligns with the Government’s Commitment to Resolving the Concerns Raised by the Baloch Community. The Aim is to Create an environment Conducive to dialogue and Peaceful Resolution. Solangi reiterated that while Peaceful Protests are a Fundamental Right, it is essential to Prevent any Breach of law and Order.

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The Caretaker Government is dedicated to finding Solutions that Guarantee the Safety and well-being of the Protestors while maintaining Security in Critical areas like the Capital’s Red Zone where Constitutional institutions and the Diplomatic Enclave are located. The Release of the Arrested Baloch Protestors Reflects an Ongoing effort to Strike a balance between Citizens’ rights and the imperative of upholding Law and Order.

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