NADRA Clarifies B-Form Policy Amidst Misinformation

nadra clarifies b form policy amidst misinformation

nadra clarifies b form policy amidst misinformation

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) recently addressed and dispelled Rumors Surrounding the issuance Policy of the Child Registration Certificate (CRC) Commonly known as the B-form.

Contrary to earlier Reports Suggesting a new Requirement for a medical Certificate to obtain the B-form and a Looming December 31 deadline NADRA has Officially stated that there are no Changes in the Policy.

In a Clarification Post on Twitter NADRA Stated Neither any sort of Changes are under Consideration about the issuance of B-form, nor there are any Changes. The authority went on to urge the Public to avoid Spreading false information, emphasizing the Stability of the Current B-form issuance Process.

The Child Registration Certificate (CRC) or B-form, is a Vital Document used to Register minors below the age of 18. According to NADRA Obtaining the CRC involves Providing Documented Proof of Childbirth from the Union Council.

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NADRA’s swift Response and Clarification aim to address any Confusion and Curb the Spread of Misinformation. The authority reassures the Public that the Process for Obtaining the B-form remains Unchanged, Emphasizing the Significance of accurate information Dissemination.

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As individuals Navigate the Bureaucratic landscape for essential Documents it is Crucial to Stay informed through official Channels and avoid falling Prey to Unverified information. NADRA’s Commitment to transparency Underscores the importance of accurate Communication, ensuring a Smooth and reliable Process for obtaining the Child Registration Certificate.

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