Foreigners’ Stay in Pakistan: Visa Regulations and Challenges

foreigners' stay in pakistan visa regulations and challenges

foreigners’ stay in pakistan visa regulations and challenges

Caretaker Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting, and Parliamentary Affairs, Murtaza Solangi Emphasized on Monday that foreigners, including Afghan citizens, cannot stay in Pakistan indefinitely without a visa. In a conversation with a private news channel Solangi addressed the Criticism Pakistan has received from some foreign Countries for Repatriating illegal immigrants.

Solangi Highlighted that there are approximately 20,000 Afghans in Pakistan who had Previously Worked with the US coalition forces. He noted that despite the establishment of the Taliban government in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, the US and its allies have not yet been able to facilitate the return of these 20 thousand Afghans to their Respective Countries.

The Minister acknowledged the Global treatment of illegal immigrants Citing instances like when immigrants faced Peril in Greece without Rescue. Despite these Challenges Solangi Commended Pakistan’s record on managing illegal Residents, asserting that it Stood out Positively Compared to other Nations.

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Solangi further Pointed out that Millions of Afghan Citizens legally Residing in Pakistan have access to Various Facilities, including Health, Education and Business activities. However, in the case of foreigners lacking Proper Documentation or visas, he stated that the only requirement was for them to return to their Countries.

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Highlighting the need for a Decision on the duration of Foreigners’ Stay in Pakistan Solangi underlined that the Government must establish clear Guidelines on this matter. This Statement comes as Part of ongoing efforts to address the Complex issues Related to immigration and Visa Regulations Reflecting the Government’s Stance on managing the Presence of Foreigners within its Borders.

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