FIA Cracks Down on Human Smuggling: Three Arrested in Lahore

fia cracks down on human smuggling three arrested in lahore

fia cracks down on human smuggling three arrested in lahore

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has taken decisive action against Human Smuggling in Lahore Resulting in the arrest of three individuals involved in Visa fraud and illicit activities. The Anti Human Trafficking Circle Conducted the Operation targeting those Exploiting innocent People with false Promises of Overseas Employment.

Among the apprehended Suspects is Umar Shahbaz who was already an absconder. Shahbaz had deceived a Citizen, extracting Rs 272,000 with the assurance of Sending him to Dubai. Another Suspect, Mehak Babar Targeted Multiple individuals across different Cities Collecting substantial amounts by Falsely pledging to facilitate their journey to Canada. Babar already implicated in three Cases had been Operating a Fraudulent Scheme.

Ahsan Elahi the third individual arrested engaged in fabricating Bank Statements to Secure visas at the Turkish embassy. His arrest was Prompted by a Complaint from the Embassy exposing his involvement in Visa Fraud.

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Deputy Director Riaz Khan, heading the Anti-Human Trafficking Circle in Lahore, Demonstrated a Proactive approach by forming a Specialized Squad to apprehend these Human Smugglers. The Crackdown is a Significant step toward Curbing illegal activities and Protecting Unsuspecting individuals from Falling Victim to fraudulent Schemes.

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The FIA’s swift action Underscores the Government’s Commitment to Combating Human Smuggling and ensuring the Safety of Citizens. This Operation Serves as a Deterrent to those Engaging in Such illicit Practices and Reinforces the authorities Resolve to maintain the integrity of Visa Processes and immigration Systems.

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