Erdogan win for Turkey

Erdogan win for Turkey

The people of Turkey decided Erdogan’s future in knife-edge vote, though he was predicted to win but the leader faced strong opposition and at one point it was predicted that an upset may occur.

But, at the end Erdogan won through a historic runoff election that extended two decades of his transformative but divisive rule until 2028.

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Erdogan Won by 4% points

Erdogan proved his brilliancy to stay in power like a chameleon to remain at the helm and has become quite a controversial figure both within and outside Turkiye. He overcame worst economic crises of country and won the toughest elections against the challenger Kemal Kilicdaroglu.

He worked in country for populist spending programmes that raised the minimum wage, lowered the retirement age and distributed free natural gas. He also ruled one state media outlet for Erdogan’s campaign for more than 32 hours.

The 2023 elections were the country’s most consequential elections in 100 years post-Ottoman republic.

Reccep Tayyip Erdogan served the country in matters of terrorism, economic crises, national sovereignty and educational issues. He also worked with overseas allies including United States, must navigate another five-year term with mercurial Erdogan.

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The future also not look rosy for Erdogan as his policies have brought Turkiye to the brink of economic chaos with the country’s inflation rate surpassed 80% in 2022 and lira losing some 77% of its value against the dollar over the last five years.

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