CTD Arrests Alleged Al-Qaeda Terrorist After Gunfight in Matiari

ctd arrests alleged al qaeda terrorist after gunfight in matiari

ctd arrests alleged al qaeda terrorist after gunfight in matiari

 In a Significant operation, officials from the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) in Hyderabad apprehended a terrorist associated with the banned Al-Qaeda group following a gunfight in Sindh’s Matiari district, as reported by ARY News on Sunday.

The arrested individual, identified as Abdullah Aasi, had two accomplices named Ali and Shehryar who managed to flee during the encounter, according to a statement from the CTD spokesperson.

The Spokesperson revealed that Abdullah Aasi, the arrested Al-Qaeda operative, had traveled to Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Afghanistan, aiming to Strengthen his network. Weapons and a hand grenade were seized from his possession during the arrest.

This Development follows another Operation by the CTD on Saturday where they arrested an individual accused of Providing financial assistance to a banned Organization, along with three facilitators. The arrested Person, identified as Sultan and originally from Afghanistan, was allegedly involved in money laundering and using the funds for sabotage.

Foreign Currency amounting to 175,000 Euro, ,000 USD, and 44,000 Saudi Riyal was recovered from the arrested individuals by CTD officials.

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A case has been Registered against all the arrested Suspects Highlighting the Government’s Commitment to combating terrorism and ensuring the safety and Security of the Region.

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These Operations underscore the ongoing Efforts of law enforcement agencies to Dismantle terror Networks, Prevent financial support to banned Organizations and maintain vigilance against Potential threats to National security.

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