Are Pakistanis really leaving their Country

are pakistanis really leaving their country

are pakistanis really leaving their country

“Are many Pakistanis leaving their country? This became a big question when the caretaker prime minister talked about educated Pakistanis going abroad. This happened when lots of Pakistanis were trying to leave because times were tough and they wanted better opportunities.

To figure this out, we can look at information from the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BEOE). In the first seven months of this year, about 450,000 people left Pakistan. If this continues, it will be around 770,000 for the whole year, which is less than last year’s 832,000. So, it’s not a huge increase.

Some people are worried that more of the people leaving are well-educated professionals. But the data shows that’s not true. Only 3% are highly qualified, 53% are skilled, and 44% are unskilled, which is similar to before.

In Pakistan, things have been tough, especially for graduates who can’t find jobs. This makes some people want to move to find better opportunities. Also prices of basic necessities are increasing day by day. But it’s not right to blame them for leaving. People have different reasons, like wanting a better job, education, healthcare, or just exploring the world.

Leaving the country can also help Pakistan in some ways, like sending money back home, creating jobs, sharing knowledge, and making connections abroad.

To fix this issue, the government should work on improving things in the country, like taxes, electricity, schools, and hospitals. Instead of stopping people from leaving, they should make Pakistan a better place to stay.

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Some Pakistanis are leaving, but not a huge number. And they have different reasons for leaving. They are leaving Pakistan for a better future. Instead of blaming them, the government should focus on making Pakistan better. Some people are trying hard to move to other countries but they are not very qualified. Everyone is facing different difficulties.

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