A blaze breaks out at the medicine market in Kharadar, Karachi.

a blaze breaks out at the medicine market in kharadar, karachi.

a blaze breaks out at the medicine market in kharadar, karachi.

In another unfortunate incident following the Arshi Mall fire, a blaze erupted in a medicine market located in Kharadar, Karachi, a Swift action was taken as two fire brigade vehicles rushed to the scene promptly.

Thankfully, the fire brigade officials control the situation. Importantly, no loss of life has been reported in connection with this incident.

The previous day witnessed a tragic fire at the Arshi Shopping Mall in the Ayesha Manzil area of Karachi, claiming the lives of at least five individuals. The fire ravaged through the multi-story building, affecting numerous residential apartments and 130 shops, including jewelry and garment stores.

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Identification of the victims revealed their names as Ghulam Raza (35), Noman Baig (38), Mustafa (20), and Riaz (30). A subsequent technical report from the investigation show  some clarity. It confirmed the safety of the first to fourth floors of the Arshi Heights building, though repairs are needed for the mezzanine and ground floor, which will remain closed temporarily.

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The report also revealed that  the building’s construction was  30 years ago and it was not included in the heritage list. Despite its age, there were no structural cracks identified in any part of the building. Additionally, the drainage system within Arshi Heights was deemed faultless and stable.

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