PSL 9 Ticket Booking Website Faces Cyberattack, Management Assures Quick Resolution

psl 9 ticket booking website faces cyberattack, management assures quick resolution

psl 9 ticket booking website faces cyberattack, management assures quick resolution

In an Unfortunate turn of Events, the Online ticket Booking Platform for Pakistan Super League (PSL) Pakistan Super League 9 has been Targeted in a Cyberattack, as Confirmed by the PSL management on Tuesday Night as reported by News. The management Revealed that the Technical team of the PSL Ticket Partners is diligently working to address the issues arising from the Cyberattack on the Website. Despite the setback the PSL management remains Optimistic about a Prompt resolution and anticipates the Service provider’s Website to be fully Operational again in the Near Future.

Earlier announcements from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had announced the Commencement of Ticket Sales for PSL 9, Slated to begin online on Tuesday, 6 February 2024. Additionally, Physical tickets will be available for Purchase at Designated TCS express Centres starting from 12 February 2024. Furthermore, tickets Booked online can be Conveniently Collected from TCS’ Designated pick-up centres or opted for Home Delivery via TCS.

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The ticket Prices for PSL 9 matches have been Carefully set to accommodate Various preferences and Budgets. VIP tickets are Priced at PKR 6,000, Premium tickets at PKR 3,000, First-class tickets at PKR 2,000 and General tickets at PKR 1,000. Notably, for the Highly anticipated final match on 18 March at the National Bank Stadium in Karachi, ticket Prices are Slightly Higher: PKR 8,000 for VIP tickets, PKR 4,000 for Premium tickets, PKR 2,500 for First-Class tickets and PKR 1,000 for General Tickets.

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For the Qualifier match VIP tickets are Priced at PKR 5,000, Premium at PKR 2,500, First-class at PKR 1500, and General at PKR 750. Similarly, tickets for the two Eliminators are Priced at PKR 5,000 (VIP), PKR 3,000 (Premium), PKR 1500 (First class) and PKR 750 (General). Despite the Challenges Posed by the Cyberattack, Cricket enthusiasts Eagerly await the Resolution of the ticket Booking platform to Secure their Seats for the Highly anticipated PSL 9 Matches.

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