Prolonged Dense Fog to Persist in Plains of Punjab, KP, and Upper Sindh

prolonged dense fog to persist in plains of punjab, kp, and upper sindh

prolonged dense fog to persist in plains of punjab, kp, and upper sindh

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Anticipates an Ongoing Episode of Dense Fog in the plains of Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and upper Sindh Posing Challenges for Residents and Commuters alike. The Extended Spell of Fog is a Consequence of Persistently low Daytime Temperatures, Resulting in Notably chilly Weather in the Affected Regions. In response to these Conditions, the PMD advises Citizens to exercise Heightened Caution.

The Prevailing Synoptic Situation Reveals the Dominance of Continental Air across most parts of the Country, Contributing to predominantly cold and dry Weather. The impact of this weather Pattern is felt across diverse Regions, with northern Parts and north Balochistan experiencing exceptionally Cold Conditions over the Past 24 hours.

Dense fog and Smog persist in critical areas, including Islamabad the Potohar Region, plains of Punjab, KP and upper Sindh. Beyond Hindering visibility this atmospheric Phenomenon Presents potential hazards for transportation and Daily activities.

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Recent temperature Recordings underscore the Severity of the Cold snap with Leh recording a bone-chilling -12°C, closely followed by Skardu at -10°C and Kalam at -07°C. Other regions, including Gilgit, Astore, Kalat, Gupis, Srinagar, Chitral, Bunji, Dir, Hunza, Rawalakot, Quetta and Mirkhani have experienced temperatures as low as -06°C to -03°C.

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As Communities endure these Challenging Weather Conditions, Staying abreast of the latest Weather updates is Crucial, along with taking Necessary Precautions. Authorities Recommend limiting travel during Periods of Dense Fog and adopting measures to ensure Personal Safety. The Persistence of Very Cold Weather Highlights the Significance of Preparedness and Vigilance among the affected Communities during this Winter Season.

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