President of BCCI to Visit Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023: A Positive Step for Cricket Relations

president of bcci to visit pakistan for asia cup 2023 a positive step for cricket relations

president of bcci to visit pakistan for asia cup 2023 a positive step for cricket relations

In a really nice surprise for cricket fans, the President of BCCI, Roger Binny, has said that he’s going to Pakistan during the Asia Cup 2023. This is a big deal because it might show that things are getting better between India and Pakistan in cricket.

Roger Binny is going to represent the BCCI at a special dinner that the Pakistan Cricket Board is hosting in Lahore. This dinner is to say thanks to Pakistan for hosting the Asia Cup tournament. It’s like a friendly way of saying, “Hey, thanks for having us!”

Binny and another important person, Rajiv Shukla, are planning to go to Pakistan on September 4th. They might also watch a match at a famous stadium called the Gaddafi Stadium during their two-day visit.

People in charge of cricket in both India and Pakistan are also going to this dinner. This is a big deal because it shows that cricket is more important than any disagreements between the countries.

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Roger Binny said, “I have no problem going to Pakistan. Every time I’ve been there, people have been very kind.” He’s excited about the visit and hopes it will help cricket between India and Pakistan get better.

Matches between India and Pakistan are super important. Binny said they’re even bigger than a famous cricket event called the Ashes.

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This visit is a big step. The last time Binny went to Pakistan was almost 18 years ago. This visit is about cricket, but it’s also about friendship between countries. It’s a chance for everyone to come together and enjoy the game.

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