Pakistani Teacher, Sister Zeph, Wins Global Award for Empowering Underprivileged Students

pakistani teacher, sister zeph, wins global award for empowering underprivileged students

pakistani teacher, sister zeph, wins global award for empowering underprivileged students

Sister Zeph, a Pakistani Teacher who Transformed her home’s Courtyard in Gujranwala into a school for Underprivileged Children has Secured the Prestigious Global Teacher Prize 2023. The announcement was made by the Varkey Foundation in Collaboration with UNESCO and Dubai Cares Recognizing Sister Zeph’s exceptional Contributions.

Selected from over 7,000 nominations Spanning 130 countries Sister Zeph’s dedication to educating Underprivileged Children Stood out. She Received the award at a Ceremony During UNESCO’s General Conference in Paris on November 8, 2023.

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay Celebrated Sister Zeph’s Achievement Highlighting the Profound impact of teachers in Shaping lives. Sister Zeph’s journey began at the age of 13 when she initiated her school to Provide free Education for children whose Parents couldn’t afford fees. Despite facing adversity She Worked tirelessly to fund and teach at the School.

Now, 26 years later, the school accommodates over 200 children in a new facility. Sister Zeph’s commitment extends beyond academics; she conducts self-defense classes for girls, offers financial aid to families torn between education and bills, and operates a vocational center empowering thousands of women.

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Her vision, fueled by the Global Teacher Prize funds, includes building a school on 10 acres for the country’s poorest children, promoting education without discrimination. Sister Zeph also aspires to establish a shelter for orphans, integrating sustainable practices like growing food on-site. Her global outlook involves inviting teachers worldwide to instruct a diverse range of subjects.

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Sister Zeph’s story exemplifies resilience, dedication, and a commitment to transforming lives through education. Her recognition with the Global Teacher Prize serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring educators and advocates for children’s rights globally.

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