Pakistan Accuses Indian Agents of Killing Citizens: Foreign Secretary Reveals Evidence

pakistan accuses indian agents of killing citizens foreign secretary reveals evidence

pakistan accuses indian agents of killing citizens foreign secretary reveals evidence

In a recent press Conference, Foreign Secretary Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi Revealed Credible evidence linking Indian agents to the assassinations of two Pakistani Citizens. Shahid Latif and Muhammad Riaz were Killed in Separate incidents in Sialkot and Rawalakot on October 11, 2023 and September 8, 2023, Respectively.

Qazi Stated that Indian agent Yogesh Kumar Orchestrated the Killings, hiring a local laborer Muhammad Umair in a third Country to act as a contact with local Criminals in Pakistan. The Hired Criminals initially failed to Carry out the Murder plan against Shahid Latif. Subsequently Muhammad Umair was sent to Pakistan Organizing a team of five target Killers who Successfully assassinated Latif.

The foreign Secretary Provided details of Muhammad Riaz’s Killing, implicating Indian agents Ashok Umar Anand and Yogesh Kumar in Planning the Murder. Riaz was assassinated during Fajr Prayer in a Mosque in Rawalakot on September 8, 2023. Muhammad Abdullah Ali, the killer was Recruited and guided by the Indian agents using the social media app Telegram for Communication.

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Law enforcement agencies Swiftly apprehended the individuals involved in the Murders, including the Indian agents emphasizing that Pakistan Possesses Documentary, financial and Forensic evidence of their involvement. Qazi Condemned India’s Violation of Pakistan’s Sovereignty and Breach of the UN Charter, Demanding international accountability for these actions.

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Highlighting that Pakistan Remains Committed to Protecting its People and Sovereignty the foreign Secretary Stressed the Government’s Priority in Safeguarding Pakistanis and foreign Nationals on its Soil. The Revelation adds to Existing tensions between India and Pakistan, raising Concerns about Cross-Border Security and diplomatic Relations.

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