Over 1,000 Pakistani Doctors Offer Help to Gaza

over 1,000 pakistani doctors offer help to gaza

over 1,000 pakistani doctors offer help to gaza

In an Extraordinary act of Kindness, more than 1,000 Pakistani Doctors and Medical Professionals have come forward to assist the People of Gaza, a place facing severe Difficulties due to the ongoing Conflict. This incredible Gesture is aimed at Helping a healthcare System that’s been Severely impacted by Attacks from Israel, leaving many People in Desperate need of Medical care.

Dr. Zahid Latif who leads the Al-Khidmat Health Foundation Shared this Heartening News with a local News Outlet. He Explained that among the 1,000 Doctors who’ve Volunteered, 400 of them are Women. These Doctors have Expertise in various Fields, including surgery, anesthesiology, pediatrics, emergency care, and women’s Health.

In Gaza, the Healthcare System has nearly Fallen apart because of the damage caused by Israeli airstrikes. Tragically many Doctors and Paramedics have lost their lives while trying to save others. This has left over 18,000 People injured with many unable to get the Necessary Medical Supplies.

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Dr. Latif also informed that the World Health Organization (WHO) has been told about these Pakistani Doctors who want to go to Gaza to Help. The WHO Offices in Islamabad and Cairo Egypt, have been made aware of this effort. They are now being asked to Provide Guidance on when and how these Doctors can Safely enter the Conflict Zone.

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The Compassionate actions of these Pakistani Doctors Demonstrate the Power of coming together to help those in need no matter where they are. It Shows that Doctors and Healthcare Workers are willing to go to Great lengths to assist People facing a health Crisis. This also Emphasizes the importance of Countries and Organizations working together to address the Healthcare Problems in Gaza during these Challenging times.

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