NIH Alert: Watch Out for Leptospirosis a Disease for Humans and Animals

nih alert watch out for leptospirosis a disease for humans and animals

nih alert watch out for leptospirosis a disease for humans and animals

ISLAMABAD: The National Institute of Health (NIH) is warning everyone about Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that can affect both people and animals.

The NIH’s Centre for Disease Control wants to make sure health authorities and others know about it so they can find and treat cases of Leptospirosis early. The Disease comes from a bacterium in the Leptospira family and usually spreads from animals like rodents, pets, and cattle to humans through their infected pee.

Leptospirosis happens all over the world, especially in warm, rainy places. Recently, there have been more cases reported in the Middle East, and even though it’s not super common, there have been a few cases in Pakistan too.

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The Disease usually Pops up where people get close to pee from infected animals or places where the pee has ended up. It’s a risk for folks who work outside, with animals, or around water. While it can spread from animals to people, it’s super rare for it to pass from person to person.

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The NIH’s alert is a way to help people know more about Leptospirosis, so health experts can find and manage cases early. The focus is on using labs to identify the disease quickly, making it easier to take action and protect both people and animals from this bacterial infection

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