Illegal Sale of Free Sindh Textbooks Sparks Investigation by Education Department

illegal sale of free sindh textbooks sparks investigation by education department

illegal sale of free sindh textbooks sparks investigation by education department

In a disconcerting turn of events, Free textbooks meant for students in government schools in Sindh are reportedly being illegally sold to Scrap dealers in Golarchi Tehsil of Badin District. The Sindh Education Department has Promptly initiated an investigation into this alarming Situation.

The incident came to light when Sources close to the Education Department revealed that textbooks from the Sindh Text Board, which were Designated for distribution at no Cost among Students, were instead being Sold to Scrap Dealers. This act has been labeled as ‘Shameful’ by the Concerned Education Authorities.

Taking swift action, the relevant Education department has ordered an immediate investigation into the matter and has seized the books in Question. Officials have expressed their dismay at the Situation, Emphasizing that textbooks intended for the betterment of Students are being diverted to unauthorized Channels.

The Education Department has issued a Stern warning, Promising strict action against those found involved in this ‘Shameful act.’ It is Noteworthy that the distribution of these free Textbooks had Commenced just two days Prior to the Revelation of the illegal Sales.

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This is not the first time Such an incident has occurred in the Sindh Province. In 2022 a similar issue arose in Ghotki Where textbooks from 2016 to 2020 were Sold to a Scrap Dealer. However an inquiry Committee report later Cleared Sindh Education Department officials of any Wrongdoing. The report Clarified that the Sold Books were not Property of the Sindh Textbook Board (STBB) but belonged to Private Publishers or Semi-Government entities running Educational institutes in Collaboration with the Education Department.

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Despite this earlier incident the recent Unauthorized Sale of textbooks meant for Government School Students underscores the need for Vigilant Oversight and immediate Corrective measures to ensure that Educational Resources reach their intended Beneficiaries. The Education Department’s Commitment to a thorough investigation and Strict action against Wrongdoers is a Step toward Preserving the integrity of the Education System in Sindh.

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