History Repeated: Why Were 6 Workers Shot Dead In Turbat?

history repeated why were 6 workers shot dead in turbat

history repeated why were 6 workers shot dead in turbat

In Pakistan’s city of Turbat, six workers were shot dead while they were sleeping. The attack happened in the middle of the night. The workers were from Punjab and were doing construction work. 

Two others also got hurt but they’re stable now. The attackers used guns and barged into the house where these workers were staying.

The police and other security forces came quickly, but they couldn’t catch the attackers yet. These workers were part of a bigger project, and the house they were staying in was under construction. The police are now using tech stuff like geo-fencing to catch the people who did this.

Then, the bodies of these workers were sent to Multan, another city, for burial. Even the Chief Minister of Balochistan showed up to send off the bodies and offered his condolences. 

Everyone’s pretty shaken up about this, and the local government is promising to find the attackers and make things right.

Two guys who got injured in the attack have been moved to a hospital in Multan for better treatment. The government is making arrangements for their care. Officials from both Balochistan and Punjab are coordinating to bring back the bodies of the workers for their last rites.

The police officers are still investigating, but no one has taken responsibility for the attack so far. It’s a really tragic event, especially because this isn’t the first time workers have been targeted in Turbat.

Workers have been targeted in Turbat before this. In 2015, a group of armed men attacked a labor camp near a dam construction site in Turbat, killing at least 20 workers and wounding three. In 2020, four laborers were killed in a similar attack in Turbat.

People are wondering why are these workers being targeted instead of any senior official. One possibility is that the attackers were trying to send a message to the project owners or the government. 

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Another reason might be that these workers were seen as “outsiders,” and the locals didn’t like that. It is also possible that the workers had found something fishy in the project or some treasure in the site. However, there is no evidence to support this claim at this time.

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The city police officers are still investigating the attack. Thus, it’s too early to say for sure what the motive was. However, it is clear that the workers were targeted because of their jobs. The workers must be alerted of the dangers that they face in conflict zones in Pakistan.

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