Girl accuses of sexual harassment against Dr Naushad Khan

Girl accuses of sexual harassment against Dr Naushad Khan

Girl accuses of sexual harassment against Dr Naushad Khan

PESHAWAR: An Islamia College graduate has accused Dr Naushad Khan for sexual assault and has lodged her petition with the Citizens’ Platform of the Prime Minister. Dr Naushad Khan firmly denied the accusation to be groundless, and promised to report FIR on the student, Haseena Jahangir.

It is not the first time the famous University of Islamia College has appeared out  in news for all the wrong reasons. The petition to the anti-corruption agency has been lodged by Haseena Jahangir. She has lodged a sexual assault report with the Citizen Office of the Prime Minister.

The girl said she was privatized by the acting Deputy Chancellor from the gold medal because she did not fulfill her unfair demands in her letter to the Special Associate of the Chief Minister for Anti-Corruption. In the 2014-16 season, she said she was a regular student in the university’s Pakistan Studies Department, earning 3.84 CGPA.

“He demanded Rs100,000 for granting her the first place, when I submitted my thesis to the office of Dr. Naushad Khan. He even invited me to go to some hotel for dinner, “she said.

She alleged that a professor from the Islamiyat Department of Peshawar University had been named an external investigator after her failure to meet DrNaushad Khan’s unjust and unlawful order, though he had nothing to do with her subject. “To change her top spot, examiner Dr Abdullah has given her less mark.”

She said she appealed to the then University Vice-Chancellor seeking redress. “The application was referred to a committee of appeal, which, during its meeting, decided to give me a gold medal and a merit certificate in favor of the examination of the controller.”

She said that at the university meeting on 12 December 2017, in the presence of Dr Naushad Khan, she had been awarded the gold medal by the then chancellor. “To my astonishment, Dr Naushad Khan omitted the words ‘first place’ and replaced it with second spot in his own handwriting when I applied for a merit certificate in May 2018,” she wrote.

She demanded that her new  merit certificate be released and that action should be taken against Dr. Naushad Khan, currently serving as Vice-Chancellor.

Dr Naushad Khan rejected the claims as unfounded when he was contacted. He said the issue wasn’t new. He said some crooked university entities attempted by media tactics to malign him.bHe said he would eventually lodge a FIR on the girl accuses of sexual harassment and deal with the matter legally. “I’d even give these fraudulent people a legal notice of Rs200 million,” he said.

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