Germany Commits EUR 45 Million Support to Foster Bilateral Cooperation with Pakistan

germany commits eur 45 million support to foster bilateral cooperation with pakistan

germany commits eur 45 million support to foster bilateral cooperation with pakistan

Germany has Pledged EUR 45 Million in Support of Pakistan to Foster new Bilateral Cooperation across Various Sectors, including Climate, Energy, Sustainable Economic Development, Training, Health, Social Protection and Population. The agreements were Formalised at a Ceremony attended by Secretary of Economic Affairs Dr. Kazim Niaz and German Ambassador Alfred Grannas in Islamabad.

These agreements Mark a Significant Milestone in the Longstanding and trustful Partnership between the two Nations. The newly Commissioned Projects align Closely with Germany’s Development Cooperation thematic areas Focusing on Climate and Energy, Sustainable Economic Development, Training and Employment as well as Health, Social Protection and Population Policy.

Emphasising a Holistic approach the Projects aim to Synergise efforts to address Complex and Global Challenges such as Climate Change and the inclusion of Vulnerable Groups like Women and Youth.

Both Parties Highlighted the Substantial impact of German Development Cooperation over the Past Decades Underscoring its Success in targeting Development Sectors in Need. Ambassador Alfred Grannas reiterated the Commitment to a Sustainable future in Pakistan, Echoing Sentiments shared by German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Svenja Schulze on the importance of international Cooperation in Solving Global Problems.

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Secretary Dr. Kazim Niaz expressed Gratitude for the Robust Support Received in technical Development Cooperation, acknowledging its Contributions to the Socio-Economic development of the Country. With a History of over 60 Years of Support, German Development Cooperation aims to assist Pakistani Government initiatives focusing on Core areas such as Climate and Energy, Sustainable Economic Development, Training and Employment and health, Social protection and Population Policy.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, this Cooperation underscores the Commitment to Sustainable, Crisis-proof Development and is implemented in accordance with Pakistan-German Cooperation agreements. The Continuous Partnership between Germany and Pakistan Signifies a shared Vision for Progress and Prosperity, Paving the way for a Brighter and more Resilient future for both Nations.

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This Partnership  By focusing on areas like Climate change Mitigation, sustainable economic Development and social welfare, the Cooperation aims to Create lasting Positive impacts on Communities in Pakistan and Contribute to Global efforts towards a more sustainable and inclusive Future.

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