Forbes’ Asia’s Best Under a Billion List Features Three Pakistani Companies

forbes' asia's best under a billion list features three pakistani companies

forbes’ asia’s best under a billion list features three pakistani companies

In a notable recognition of Pakistan’s corporate prowess, three Pakistani companies have secured spots on Forbes’ prestigious “Asia’s Best Under a Billion” list. Highnoon Laboratories, Systems Limited, and Tariq Glass Industries have been acknowledged for their outstanding performance and contributions to the business landscape.

This recognition comes in the face of impressive competition, with a significant presence from China and India on the list. Among the 200 companies featured, 34 hail from China and 32 from India, underscoring the economic dynamism of these two Asian giants. However, Pakistan’s representation on the list signifies a noteworthy accomplishment, showcasing the resilience and potential of its own business enterprises.

Highnoon Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company, has demonstrated its dedication to healthcare and innovation. Systems Limited, a leading software and IT services provider, has exhibited excellence in the tech domain, contributing significantly to the country’s digital transformation. Tariq Glass Industries, a prominent player in the glass manufacturing sector and they have demonstrated consistent growth and quality. 

While the numbers may appear modest in comparison to China and India, the inclusion of these Pakistani companies speaks volumes about their ability to thrive in a competitive global market. This recognition isn’t just a feather in the cap for these businesses. It also reflects positively on Pakistan’s overall economic landscape and its potential to foster growth and innovation.

Forbes’ Asia’s Best Under a Billion list is a platform that highlights emerging businesses across the continent with annual revenues under $1 billion. The list acknowledges companies that have showcased remarkable growth, profitability and sustainability, making them worthy contenders in the ever evolving corporate arena. Being in that list is proof that Pakistan is capable of everything.
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As Pakistan continues its journey towards economic diversification and advancement, the presence of these three companies on Forbes’ list serves as a ray of light, Hope and inspiration. It emphasizes the importance of nurturing local businesses, fostering an environment conducive to growth and celebrating the successes achieved on both a national and international stage. The recognition of Highnoon Laboratories, Systems Limited, and Tariq Glass Industries reinforces the notion that Pakistan’s entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving, ready to contribute to the global economy in meaningful ways.

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