Durable, Sustained Gaza Ceasefire Crucial for Palestinian Relief: Pakistan Urges International Cooperation

durable, sustained gaza ceasefire crucial for palestinian relief pakistan urges international cooperation

durable, sustained gaza ceasefire crucial for palestinian relief pakistan urges international cooperation

In a Press briefing on Thursday Pakistan’s Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch emphasized the urgent need for a durable and sustained ceasefire in Gaza. The eagerly awaited truce expected to commence on Friday Presents an Opportunity for Establishing a Humanitarian Corridor to Deliver essential aid to the Besieged Palestinian Population including Food, Water, fuel and Medical Supplies.

Pakistan views a lasting Ceasefire as Critical to addressing the immense Humanitarian needs in Gaza following the indiscriminate and inhumane Bombing Campaign by Israeli forces. The Spokesperson Highlighted the importance of comprehensive humanitarian Supplies urgent medical aid and Shelter for Displaced individuals.

The Country Supports the call for an international Peace Conference to reignite the Peace process, with Pakistan’s foreign minister engaging with counterparts in the Middle East and neighboring countries of Palestine. The Goal is to Contribute to an international Consensus for a Peace Conference on the Middle East and the Palestinian Question.

Pakistan insists that lasting Peace in the Region hinges on implementing relevant UN Resolutions Calling for a two-state Solution with a viable Sovereign and Geographically-contiguous Palestinian State within the Pre-1967 borders and with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its Capital.

The Spokesperson Underscored Pakistan’s Contribution to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Consensus Position on the Gaza war. This Position Emphasizes the importance of a Permanent Ceasefire lifting the Siege of Gaza and Providing Humanitarian assistance. Additionally it calls for a Resumption of Dialogue for long-term Peace in Palestine leading to a two-state Solution.

Expressing concern over human rights abuses in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), the spokesperson called for an end to oppression. She Emphasized the vulnerability of Children in armed Conflicts and Urged India to fulfill its Obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

On other Diplomatic Fronts Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister and Foreign Minister are set to attend key Summits in Dubai and Belgium advocating for Pakistan’s Climate vision and Presenting efforts on Countering migrant Smuggling Respectively.

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The spokesperson addressed questions about Pakistan’s formal application to join BRICS, ongoing political consultations with European countries, and concerns over potential threats from India, reiterating Pakistan’s commitment to its laws and sovereignty.

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In closing, the spokesperson clarified the use of funds from the PFOWA charity bazaar for Palestinian relief and expressed concern over rising Islamophobia in India, manifested in the ban on Halal-certified food items in Uttar Pradesh.

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