Controversy Arises as Cricketer Muhammad Rizwan Offers Namaz on Field

controversy arises as cricketer muhammad rizwan offers namaz on field

controversy arises as cricketer muhammad rizwan offers namaz on field

 Indian lawyer Vineet Jindal has raised a concern about Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan offering his prayers (Namaz) on the cricket field. This happened during a break in a match between Pakistan and the Netherlands at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad.

Mr. Rizwan, a well-known wicket-keeper batter, is known for his strong faith and offers his prayers when it is time to pray even on field. On one such occasion, he dedicated his century to the people of Gaza after a match-winning performance against Sri Lanka in the ICC World Cup 2023.

Vineet Jindal has taken this matter to the International Cricket Council (ICC), seeking legal action against Rizwan for offering Namaz on the field and expressing support for Gaza. He argues that this action goes against the spirit of sports and raises questions about the player’s religious and political ideology.

However, the ICC chose not to take any action as they considered the act as being done outside the field in Rizwan’s personal capacity. They concluded that it did not violate any cricketing rules.

Vineet Jindal, who previously filed a complaint against Pakistani presenter Zainab Abbas for alleged “anti-Hindu” statements, has expressed concern about the intentional display of religion by Rizwan on the cricket field. He believes that it goes against the principles of sportsmanship.

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It is essential to understand that expressing one’s faith is a personal matter and cricket, like many other sports, values diversity and inclusivity. In this instance, the ICC chose to focus on the game itself and did not see Rizwan’s actions as a violation of any cricketing rules.

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But it was really disappointing to complain against someone for offering  prayers. and People are not happy with this behavior. because every religion is respectable.

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