Caretaker PM Kakar Champions Measures to Address Electricity Demand-Supply Gap

caretaker pm kakar champions measures to address electricity demand supply gap

caretaker pm kakar champions measures to address electricity demand supply gap

Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar is Leading efforts to Bridge the Demand-supply Gap in Pakistan’s Electricity sector. In a meeting focused on Devising Strategies to alleviate the Circular debt in the Energy Sector, PM Kakar Stressed the importance of Collaborative efforts from all Stakeholders to Reduce the disparity between Electricity demand and Supply.

During the meeting PM Kakar instructed the Ministry of Energy to Formulate a Comprehensive and Sustainable Strategy aimed at Eliminating the Persistent Circular debt within the Energy Sector. He underscored the Caretaker Government’s Commitment to Economic revival and its dedication to addressing the Circular debt issue Since assuming Power.

PM Kakar Specifically Highlighted the Success of the Anti-Power Theft Operation, Resulting in a Notable Increase in the Recovery of Electricity dues Owed by Power distribution Companies. Meeting Participants Received a detailed Briefing on the Current Status of Circular Debt in the Petroleum and Energy Sectors with Several Proposals being Discussed.

Present at the meeting were Caretaker Federal Minister for Power and Petroleum Muhammad Ali, Caretaker Finance Minister Dr Shamshad Akhtar and other relevant Senior Officers.

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In a Related Context on January 22 PM Kakar Reaffirmed Pakistan’s Steadfast Commitment to the Success of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This Commitment was Reiterated during a Meeting with China’s Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong, who visited Pakistan Officially. PM Kakar extended a warm Welcome to the Chinese Delegation, Expressing deep appreciation for the Enduring and Strategic Partnership between Pakistan and China.

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The Caretaker Government’s Proactive Stance on Economic matters and Energy Sector reforms Reflects a dedication to addressing Critical issues for the Benefit of the Nation.

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