Caretaker PM Kakar and US Climate Envoy Kerry Discuss Global Warming at World Economic Forum

caretaker pm kakar and us climate envoy kerry discuss global warming at world economic forum

caretaker pm kakar and us climate envoy kerry discuss global warming at world economic forum

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar recently had a meeting with the U.S. special envoy on climate, John Kerry, at the World Economic Forum.

Leaders from different countries,  governments and businesses come together at a special meeting. This meeting is called the World Economic Forum to talk about important problems happening in the world.

The leader of Pakistan, PM Kakar, and John Kerry, who works for the US government, had a discussion at this meeting. In this meeting they will discuss the trouble and all the problems about climate change in Pakistan and all around the world. Together they will find a way to solve these issues.  They also discussed the problems faced by countries like Pakistan that are still developing.

PM Kakar is currently in Switzerland for the 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, which is happening from January 15 to 19. While he’s there, he wants to speak about why trade and technology are very important. He will give a special talk, called a keynote address, on the topic “Trade Tech’s Trillion Dollar Promise.”

The prime minister’s trip isn’t just about going to meetings. He will also talk with important people from the government and businesses at the event. In one special meeting, he will lead a discussion called “Invest in Pakistan,” where he will show why it’s a good idea for people to invest money in Pakistan.

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Upon his arrival in Zurich, PM Kakar received a warm welcome from Pakistani officials, including Bilal Ahmed, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to Geneva, and Amir Shaukat, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Switzerland.

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The World Economic Forum is like a big stage where leaders talk about important problems, new things happening, and difficulties the world is dealing with. This  is a chance for countries to work together and find solutions for these global issues. PM Kakar joins this event and  it shows that Pakistan is serious about fixing issues like climate change, wants to solve these issues and  wants to motivate  people to invest in the country.

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