Another updated feature of Netflix

Another updated feature of Netflix

Netflix recently announced that users can now use the old profile by transferring into an existing account. They can link all their viewing history, recommendations, likes and watch history to their new account.

Earlier, Netflix only enabled this feature for newly made accounts. People who made their accounts recently would be able to get their old history to their active or existing accounts.

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Password-sharing Update

The tool will also be helpful for people as Netflix is getting stricter with its password-sharing and transfer feature with its limitations. The feature was first launched last year as a test of sorts.

To transfer the old date to a new profile or existing profile, users have to enter the email and password associated with it. After entering it, users will be able to save the watch history, recommendations, games and My List.

Netflix also introduced the feature of banning password sharing to protect the privacy of accounts and making the revenue of Netflix back on track.

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Most of the people share their passwords with friends and family members, which was causing a lot of revenue loss for the company. To get back on track Netflix banned the password sharing update for everyone in the world.

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