Your complete guide on Covid-19 vaccination in Pakistan

Your complete guide on Covid-19 vaccination in Pakistan

National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) chief Asad Umar, on Wednesday, announced that Pakistan is set to register people aged above 19 to receive their Covid-19 jabs.

The registration process has begun from today, Thursday. 

Many people still appear confused over how to register themselves to get jabbed in order to prevent themselves from falling prey to the disease.

If you’re amongst them, this piece is for you.

For people who do not have an access to the internet can message their 13-digit Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) without spaces and dashes to 1166.

If you’re among those who have an access to the internet, you can get yourself registered by logging on to the NIMS website. There you will be asked for your simple details. Make sure that you provide a valid phone number.

The government will then share the vaccination centre and due date for the vaccination on your registered phone number.

Make sure to read your registration details on your provided phone number carefully. Next, visit the vaccination centre and get vaccinated with your first dose.

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According to the official website of the government, registration for citizens aged 30 years and above began on May 22. Those falling within this age group, who registered for the vaccine, will be informed about the vaccination centre and date through SMS. For those aged 40 and above,  only registration is required. After that, they can amble to the nearest vaccination centre and get themselves fully guarded.

The same goes for the healthcare workers. If they have got themselves registered, the date and vaccination venue will be sent forth to them as per schedule. Experts say that for now, people should not make choices. They should get jabbed at their earliest with all vaccines being safe, sound, and tested. Experts have also asked people to not believe any information based on hearsay and only trust official sources.

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