PCP Dashboard: Last two years see 1,045,027 complaints against 53 departments in Punjab


LAHORE:  Against 53 Punjab departments, in the last 2 years, the Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) has received a total of 1,045,027 complaints. 

As per the data provided by relevant departments, a total of 1,007,000 complaints have been addressed while pending complaints are 21,660.

The official data says that approximately 536,524 people gave their feedback on the redressal of their complaint, out of which 63 per cent, that makes 338,891 people, showed lack of trust in the departments. 

As per the data, almost 37 per cent complainants seemed satisfied.

In Punjab, most of the complaints were against the Local Government and Community Development. Their count was 203,536. The feedback shows that only 35 per cent were satisfied after the redressal.

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A whopping 184,552 complaints were against the Punjab Police. Almost 51 per cent of 106,480 complainants were satisfied with the solution to their problems. Almost 81,408 complaints were against the School Education Department out of which 48,023 complainants came up with their feedback and nearly 42 per cent were satisfied.

In divisional headquarters, most of the complaints were received against the renowned Lahore Division. Their total count was 61,781. Out of them, 32 per cent of 37,826 complainants came up with their feedback and the breakdown of the satisfied people is as follows: 42 per cent of 10,432 people in the Bahawalpur Division; 39 per cent of 14,085 aggrieved in the Faisalabad Division, 31 per cent of the 12,442 complainants in DG Khan ; 34 per cent of 15,683 individual complainants in Faisalabad; 34 per cent of 15,683 complainants in Gujranwala.

According to the available data, there wasn’t any complaint against the DG Khan’s Baloch Levy that falls under the Interior Ministry.

The best performer was Punjab Public Service Commission as it solved all the 3,299 complaints. 

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