Govt would never compromise on national interest: FM Qureshi

Govt would never compromise on national interest: FM Qureshi

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has, on Tuesday, reiterated that the government would never compromise on national interest in any of its foreign engagements.

He was addressing a press conference in Multan where he said that Pakistan has always maintained good strategic relations with Saudi Arabia but this visit of the Prime Minister was an ad hoc arrangement.

“Pakistan knows the art of defending its interests. The government will never seem oblivious to that,” Mr. Qureshi said while he was asked that if the renewed engagement with Saudi Arabia was costly for Pakistan.

The foreign minister said that with the PM’s visit, designs of the elements that had been in a bid to distance Islamabad and Riyadh were defeated.

“We have prepared an institutional arrangement. It was signed by both Prime Minister Imran Khan and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman,” said Qureshi.

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It is named the Saudi-Pakistan Strategic Coordination Council. It comprises three aspects: political, economic outreach, and communication and cultural outreach.

“We engaged in successful talks on all economic, bilateral, and regional issues in the meetings with the officials,” the minister said, referring to the PM’s visit to the kingdom.

“Saudi Arabia has initiated several new development projects in the Kingdom and for that, they will require a huge labor force,” he pointed out. “For this, Saudi will set up a quota for Pakistanis and thousands of people will be able to gain employment in the land.”

He said that Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and the foreign minister of the kingdom will come to Pakistan soon.

Talking about the scenario in Palestine, he said that for lasting peace in the region, Pakistan’s reiterates the need for a two-state solution in the light of the relevant United Nations and OIC resolutions. 

“Where are human rights? The international community cannot remain silent and should be in action as worshippers are being attacked by pellets and stun grenades”, added the foreign minister.

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